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Online Marketing

Internet marketing only emerged over the past two decades. Because of this, some companies suffered from inexperience deriving from new generation marketing tools. To begin with, they tried to give the marketing jobs belonging to the next-generation to the IT and Marketing departments. The internet became a channel for old-school advertisements for those who entrusted the task to old-school marketing departments. The Internet also meant nothing more than somewhere they could place a cool-looking banner. They spent significant sums of money to ensure that their new product or brand was advertised on the internet, just like they did for newspapers or magazines. On the other hand, companies who gave the job of managing internet channels to their IT department lost sight of their priorities in terms of sales and marketing.

Our claim is that we have comprehensive knowledge and approach to make sure that you spend less to save more. If you are happy with spending significant amounts of money on advertisement agencies for –one shot- campaigns that is repeated again and again, we are not the right partner for you. If you are already an innovative, enthusiastic and low-cost Online Marketing Company, then please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Our Online Marketing Services

Display Advertisements:

We have run successful display campaigns for high-profile clients in various sectors, both in the UK and across Europe. Reaching the correct audience group is another key factor for us when organizing display advertising campaigns. This means lower cost and higher conversion for our clients. We are ready to use our unique experience to improve your visibility on the internet.

Google PPC Campaigns:

Our GAP (Google AdWords Professional) certified professionals allow you to enhance your online sales via Google AdWords at a lower cost, and with better results. For you, this means “improved ROI and increased profits”. We choose correct Adword Strategies from Shopping Campaigns across to dynamics ads and target adWord campaigns based on your business and budget.

Social Media Management:

Social media like Facebook and Twitter have their own language which is different from that of classic marketing channels and are even different from each other. You need to work with professionals who know how to speak the language like a native, in order to manage your brand and service in social media, and as a marketing professional you always keep in mind that social media can be either a benefit for your marketing activities or a nightmare for your brand. It’s all about choosing an experienced and productive partner.

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