Selvi London is now in partnership with NationBuilder

Company News | January 21, 2014

NationBuilder Logo

Selvi London is now in partnership with NationBuilder. NationBuilder is the first Community Organizing System that is a perfect solution for Political Campaigns, Charities and Private Sectors that need to contact their customers/clients directly. 

Remarkably, NationBuilder’s Social CRM features enable you with the power to fully control your communicational activities with your customers/prospects.

NationBuilder is an accessible and affordable software platform that helps leaders grow and organize communities to achieve great things. With 3 main features, NationBuilder ensures that you are equipped with a strong and well-organized community. It’s far beyond than classic communication tools.

Web Site

In today’s fast growing and changing online realms, websites need more than just a content. Build yours for action. NationBuilder web site comes with customizable themes and multiple templates designed for engagement. CMS is only one aspect of the website that is also a dynamic web platform that contains features such as Suggestion Box, Petitions, Events, Blog, Donation, Voluntaries and many more.

People and Communication

People are dynamic. They are always in action and in order to communicate are constantly using Twitter, Facebook, Email, Phone, Mail, Texts etc. You? You may use some or all of those routes in order to reach your audience. However, do you have efficient connections between those tools that you use? Can you track people who respond to you via Twitter or email. For example, Can you easily track specific people who donate to you? Individuals who re-tweet you or like your post on Facebook regarding your last campaign? Can you assign a specific action like build a connection with an individual that has raised a particular interest in your campaign? Now relax, leave the distressing database transaction to draw the right data, forget about endless CRM improvement projects and meetings with IT departments. You now have NationBuilder. All you need is an experienced partner to support you and accompany NationBuilder to your business.


Raising money is hard. Keep it in your pocket. NationBuilder has fully integrated online fundraising and invoicing tools with no transaction fees. It’s now as easier as ever to collect donations, enrol with paid memberships and sell tickets etc.

NationBuilder’s excellent features will enhance communications for future benefits. Contact us now to get involved with NationBuilder.

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