Westminster North Conservative Party has chosen Nationbuilder and Selvi London

Company News | September 24, 2014


NationBuilder is the first Community Organizing System which provides a perfect solution aimed at Political Campaigns, Charities and Private Sectors. Amazing new social CRM features ensures that you are equipped with a strong and well-organized community, with the power in fully controlling your communicational activities with your customers or prospects.  

The benefits of NationBuilder are clear, it’s accessible, affordable and presents you with a platform that enables you to grow and build strong organized communities.

Westminster North Conservative Party Candidate Lindsey Hall has chosen Nationbuilder as a communication tool and innovative website to assist with her community planning activities. Selvi London has now successfully launched a NationBuilder project designed to assist Mrs Lindsey Hall’s campaign in organizing a community to better serve and prepare her for elections.

Customizable functions are created to organize volunteers more efficiently and to announce events and collect donations.  With its live social media communication tool and the thrill in initiating 2 way conversations, connections and networking platforms with supporters and voters are made easier. More and more politicians are now choosing NationBuilder for its affordable software platform which is designed to give you the skills and power to control and organise communities.  Through 2 main features in the form of Donations and Volunteer options, diverse platforms are created in order to implement activities and target communications.

Please click to visit www.lindseyhall.co.uk